We understand that you may have a few questions regarding your visit to Bridal Imporium as this may be your first visit to a bridal boutique.



During your visit we want to ensure you are as comfortable and relaxed as possible so here are some frequently asked questions that brides ask before their visit with us to ensure we eliminate any apprehension you as a bride may have. 

If you find you still have a question unanswered please dont hesitate to contact us.

When should I start searching for  my gown?


This depends on how many boutiques you will need to visit before you find your dream gown.  Some brides know what they are looking for and find their gown in the first boutique, always ask your bridal consultant delivery times for their designers.  We would recommend ordering your gown 7-9 months prior to the big day, this ensures you will have plenty of time for your gown to be made to order and more importantly sufficient time for any alternations to be made so your gown fits you like a glove.  If you already have less time than this don’t be concerned our designers can offer a priority order service so come and see us and we will do whatever we can to help.

- Do I need to prepare for my appointment? 

You may want to look at gown images to see what styles you are drawn to.  Any guidance you can provide us with neckline, skirt, colour or fabric will help us guide you.  However if this is the first time for you to try on gowns it may be worth trying on something totally different.  It is surprising how many bride’s dream gown is not what they thought it would be.  Most importantly we want your appointment to be a wonderful experience, so come with an open mind and enjoy yourself.  Remember no one looks great in every gown but you will know when you have found yours.


-  Who should I bring with me to my appointment?

We understand that this special experience is one you wish to share with your family and close friends and we really do welcome that, however we do request for a number of reasons that you try to limit your guests to around 2 -3. Appointments are held in the main Boutique there is a spacious area and fitting room for the bride and up to 3 guests, but we do not enforce a locked door policy so we may occasionally get visitors to the shop that you will be visible to.  We can however schedule a totally private consultation during evenings or on a Sunday, subject to availability.


- What should I wear?

We want you to be relaxed and enjoy the whole experience, generally we have everything you will need for your appointment however you may wish to ensure you are wearing comfortable underwear and a strapless bra is always useful. you may bring you own shoes if you have a heel height you wish to try on with the gowns.  We would also request you do not wear any fake tan and keep make up to an absolute minimum to keep our gowns looking beautiful for all future brides.  


- What sizes are your sample gowns?

Our sample gowns are between a UK 8 and a UK 24. Please do bear in mind we only have each dress in one size, however with some designers it is possible to order a sample closer to your size to try (separate cost incurred) Many of our gowns are corseted at the back so a size 18 could still try on a size 14 gown and have idea of the final look. equally a size 8 bride can be pinned into a UK 14 gown to see the end look.

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